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If you are the subject of a criminal investigation or prosecution, it is crucial that you receive the highest quality advice and support from the experts at the earliest possible moment. 

With an excellent reputation and a proven track record of success, we have decades of experience in defending complex and high profile criminal cases.


​We will always look after your best interests throughout the investigation, to minimise the impact on your work, home life and livelihood, and protect those you care about.  All client discussions and consultations are in complete confidence.


We work hard to protect you and your reputation.


Your driving licence can be a necessity for your day to day living and, without it, your livelihood can be affected.  Seeking quality legal advice could be the move that not only stops you from losing your licence, but, in more serious offence, avoids additional punishment.

With our experience, we can assist you with a variety of motoring offences such as speeding, road traffic accidents, drink driving and death by dangerous driving.   

These charges cover many aspects of theft from shoplifting, handling stolen goods and benefits fraud, to more business focused crimes such as money laundering, tax or VAT evasion and embezzlement.   

If you are being investigated or have been charged with dishonesty, it is crucial that you seek legal advice immediately. With our knowledge and experience, we can support you through the process to gain the best outcome for your case and limit any reputational damage.

Our specialist team can provide advice and assistance across a wide range of investigations and prosecutions relating to business crimes such as fraud, bribery and corruption, insider trading, money laundering and tax evasion. 


Whatever your circumstances, you can be sure that we will always seek to protect both your interests and reputation whilst achieving the best possible outcome and, where possible, endeavour to avoid criminal charges.

Gun control is one of the top priorities of law enforcement agencies resulting in firearms offences being taken very seriously by the courts, which can often lead to custodial sentences.


If you are being investigated or have been prosecuted for a weapon or firearms offence, it is important to seek representation from our experienced criminal specialists - we can advise you on the best defence and develop a robust case strategy. 

A murder, manslaughter or attempted murder investigation can be extremely complex and carry serious consequences, so it is vital to have the right legal representation from the very start.


With vast experience and a proven track record in this area, we can support you from the initial accusation, working with you to avoid charges where possible, through to  building a robust and pro-active defence for trial, if required. With our specialised knowledge and attention to detail, we work tirelessly to reach the best outcome for you. 

Being accused of a sexual offence can ruin your reputation, personal relationships and livelihood - even if you are ultimately acquitted. 

At Main Nickolls, our specialist team of lawyers are committed to defending both your innocence and your reputation. Our years of experience mean that we understand the complexities of building a successful defence strategy - whether it is for current or historic allegations - whilst maintaining your confidentiality and privacy. 

Assault can be a serious allegation potentially resulting in a criminal conviction and a custodial sentence, so it is essential that you have an experienced criminal defence specialist to advise and represent you.

We have experience in all types of assault charges, covering Grievous Bodily Harm, Actual Bodily Harm and Common Assault and Battery, with an excellent track record in building a robust defence that results in the charges being dropped, or reduced to a Police caution wherever possible.

There are a wide range of drug-related circumstances that could lead to an investigation or prosecution and, as most are serious offences that could result in custodial sentences, it is vital to seek expert advice.

Our experienced criminal defence team has worked on many cases from negotiating a caution for possession to the major offences covering  supply and  trafficking. We can represent you from the outset, giving you the strongest chance of a positive outcome.


At Main Nickolls, during times of need, we believe that everyone deserves access to the best legal advice.


We can help with all aspect of the Legal Aid claims system, from dealing with cases free of charge at the police station to advising you on the submission of your application for funding.


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